What is a Home Inspection?


It is an objective visual examination of the physical structure of the home as well as the various systems and components . The entire structure is checked from the roof to the foundation, the attic, the appliances, plumbing, heating as well as the electrical systems. If a pest inspection is included there is also examination done for both active and conductive conditions.



Why do I need an inspection ?


The home purchase is probably your largest single investment and you should be as informed as possible about what you are investing in. You will be informed about the condition of the structure and items of concern that you need to be aware of as you make your purchase decision.



Do I need to attend the inspection ?


It is not necessary for you to be there, but if at all possible it is recommended. You will be able to observe the items that the inspector checks and you can ask questions and discuss any questions you may have about the home. This will also make the report easier to understand when you receive it.



What about the problems revealed by the inspection ?


The report can be a basis for negotiating with the seller to have the items of concern repaired or the price reduced. The items listed can be a basis for future repair or improvements you may want to make. There are no perfect homes and the report informs you what to expect. Even if there are no significant problems you will learn many things about your new home. 


The home cannot fail an inspection as this is not a government inspection to determine compliance with building codes nor is it an appraisal of value rather you will get a report on its current condition for you to use in your consideration of the purchase. 



What is a Pest inspection ?


In Washington State all items that relate to conditions that can be conducive to pest infestation as well as any active pest activities that involve wood destroying organisms must be reported as a Structural Pest Inspection, carry a unique Washington State Identification number ( ICN #) and be done by a licensed WSDA Structural Pest Inspector. The items inspected and reported in a pest inspection are different than in a regular home inspection and are reported on a different form. VA and FHA financed homes require a pest inspection.